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What is DocMeet?
With DocMeet, you can get easy access to a doctor from the comfort of your home, office, or even while traveling- 24x7x365. Our Board Certified doctors can consult you either by phone or secure video to treat any non-emergency medical conditions. Our doctors can diagnose, prescribe medication, and send prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choice.

When can I use DocMeet?
You can use DocMeet to treat your or your relative’s non-emergency medical issues. Our site is strictly not for treating medical emergency situations. In case of a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.

What common health conditions does DocMeet treat?
Here is a small list: Allergies, Abrasions, Bites and Stings, Body Aches, Bronchitis, Nausea, Cough, Cold & Flu, Ear Infection, Stomach Virus, Acid Reflux, High Blood Pressure, Mild Sports Injuries, Acne, Dehydration, Headache, Earache, Frostbite, Hives, Sore Throat, Pink Eye, Asthma, Sinus Conditions, Hair Loss, Rashes, Skin Infections, Diabetes, Constipation, Insomnia, Itchy Eyes, Lice, Medication Refills, Mild lacerations, Hemorrhoids, Fever, Nausea and Vomiting, Respiratory Infections, Urinary Tract Infection, Travel Medications, Asthma

How can I use DocMeet?
Go to www.DocMeet.com and fill out our registration form with your email address. An email will then be sent to your account and you can activate the account by clicking a link on that email and confirming your email address. Registration is FREE and enables you to browse doctors profile, check out appointment timings and schedule appointments with doctors of your choice from your state. You will be asked to pay for a consult only before you meet with a doctor. You can also optionally fill up your past medical history making it easier for the doctor to diagnose you.

Can DocMeet Providers write a prescription?
DocMeet providers can write prescriptions only after consulting with patients and only when they deem medically necessary. Our providers can submit an e-prescription at a pharmacy of your choice locally. That said please be informed that DocMeet is not a replacement for your primary care physician nor it is an online pharmacy.
DocMeet Providers do not prescribe elective medications, narcotic pain relievers, or other drugs listed as controlled substances by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency or regulated under State law. Review the DEA Controlled Substances Schedule if you are interested in a particular prescription and are uncertain if it is listed as a controlled substance. Providers generally do not prescribe more than a 90-day refill within a 6 month period. When medically necessary, your prescription will be electronically sent to the local pharmacy of your choice and you may access a copy of the exam for your medical records through your patient profile.

Can DocMeet providers refill a prescription?
Our Providers will talk to you and understand your medical history and assess whether you will need a refill at this time or whether you should see your primary care physician in person. The decision to provide a refill and the quantity is at the sole discretion of the Provider.

Can my child use my DocMeet account to get treatment?
No, you will need to create a separate profile for any children, dependents, or spouses. This is to ensure that each person has his/her own medical profile and medical history.

Does my Insurance Cover DocMeet?
Unfortunately we do not accept insurance at this time, and payment for a consultation with DocMeet will not contribute towards your insurance deductible. We do however accept payment from FSA, HSA, and HRA accounts, as well as personal debit and credit cards and also Paypal

What are your provider profiles?
Our providers are quality licensed providers who specialize in diagnosing and treating common conditions, and include physicians, nurse practitioners, and physicians’ assistants. Our Providers are typically board certified in family medicine, internal medicine or emergency medicine.

How much does DocMeet cost?
The cost to use DocMeet is $49.95 per consultation which is lower than most co-pays.

I am from New York but am on vacation in Florida- which location provider do I select?
You are advised to request a consultation where you are currently physically located. The service line you select does not have to match with your home or billing address rather it depends on where you are located at the time of your provider consultation. In the case that a Provider deems necessary that you need a prescription, our Providers are able to electronically submit an e-prescription to the pharmacy nearest you.

What do I need to visit a Provider with DocMeet?
You must be above 18 years of age or if you are younger then you must be accompanied by your parent or guardian at the time of your consultation. You must also have a valid email ID and a debit or credit card or Paypal. You must also have a computer or a mobile device or tab with a fast Internet connection and a webcam of at least 1.3 megapixels and latest browsers installed.

Is DocMeet safe and private?
Yes, DocMeet is safe and private. DocMeet is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and we will only share your information with your selected doctor and pharmacy.