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"DocMeet is a new online telemedicine service connecting doctors and patients under one platform for remote medical advice. DocMeet connects patients with doctors through phone, email, and online video consultations."

How It Works

1. You can browse for doctors of your choice.

2. After selecting your doctor of choice, select your preferred mode of consultations (phone, email, or online video).

3. Select your preferred consultation date and time.

4. Enter your mode of payment for your consultation (we accept all major credit cards and paypal payments).

5. Lastly, fill out our mandatory Medical Query form.

You can also optionally upload any prescriptions, medical records, or radiology reports. Your chosen doctor will review the information you provide and confirm your appointment time. You will also receive a phone call and an email from DocMeet confirming your appointment. Your doctor will then consult with you and provide any necessary prescriptions.

DocMeet has the highest standards of secrecy and privacy with regards to personal information and personal medical records..

Benefits of DocMeet


  • 1. Save precious time, energy, and resources by taking medical consultations from specialist doctors from the comfort of your own home.
  • 2. Use DocMeet on the go and consult with a doctor while you are traveling.
  • 3. Save additional time and money by avoiding travel costs and waiting in a doctor’s office.


  • 1. Earn extra income in your downtime by providing online consultations.
  • 2. Forget boundaries, treat patients from all over your state and expand your patient base.
  • 3. Save time and energy traveling between facilities to see patients and increase your productivity.